JESSICA ABBEY is a fine art boutique photography business specializing in weddings, portraits, and real estate. My approach is to create a truly customized experience unique to you. I want you to not only LOVE your photos, but have fun creating them. I take my job seriously and honestly love what I do. This is my full time business.  My love of photography flourished while living in NYC & Brooklyn. While in Maine, I fell in love with weddings.

Top Ten Fun Facts:
1. I can't live without pizza, I eat it once a week! NY pizza is my favorite.
2. I LOVE NY! The energy, the anything goes attitude, the diversity. The blackout of 2003 was on my top 10 days.
3. My husband and I met on Match. He was my first date:) 
4. My dog Bode sleeps on my lap everyday while I work. He is 22 lbs. 
5. I love love to ski, I was that child at two on skis. 
6. I am a hippie at heart. I love festivals! I'd love to go to Burning Man. 
7. I am an OU grad. "You can take the girl out of OU, but you can't take the "OU" out of the girl." My friends now were my friends then.
8. My undergrad was Event Planning. Photography was a second degree. So you will see my "event planning" side come into my photography.
9. I have my own greeting card and magnet with Borealis Press
10. My eye for detail drives me crazy in my home life, I can notice if something is out of place by a cm. In my business, it is my greatest asset.




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